quick pics of ye olde emergency kit

It still needs a stove, a small pry-bar and more batteries. The blue bottle contains water purification supplies and basic toiletries.


Tam said...

Needs more mag pouches. :p

DoubleTapper said...

Where's the guns? Ammo?

Here's what I keep handy for emergencies.

DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

red said...

I'll post pics of our guns and tiny amount of ammo later today.

Surly said...

Do you store that in a ruck to bug out if necessary? I started building ours but they got expensive. I'm almost done...
Nice kit BTW.

red said...

re: Surly

I keep it in a Kelty Redwing pack. I'll post some pics tonight of the packs. It does get expensive but it's worth it. I have some extra gear lying around, what are you missing? Drop me an email.