The Mrs and I finally saw "Zombieland" Saturday night. It was freaking hilarious! I'd like to see it a second time. The rules are a great idea, especially #1 Cardio. Having tons of tacitcool gear won't help you survive if you can't run from the staggering horde. I bet Zombie Squad will get a rush of people signing up.

I'm a pretty die hard purist when it comes to zombie movies but with "Zombieland", I feel differently. I like the "zombie" concept they use. They aren't undead but infected much like "28 Days Later" but minus the super speed and strength. Unfortunately, they know how to climb, work door knobs and use tools. That's not so good, however, no head shots needed! The chance of survival is much higher with "infected" like this. =]

Go see it, it's worth the money.

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Grumpyunk said...

#2 - Double Tap!