Me: 0 Frustration: 1 *update*

Some nights in the shop don't go well, no matter how hard you try. We had a hell of a time getting the swing arm back on. After fighting it for about 45 minutes, we finally won. Then the rear wheel was causing us some grief, my temper started to rise so we switched to the front wheel. Going back to the rear wheel after a break didn't make a damn difference. I give up for tonight.

I let hunger and frustration get the best of me. I looked at the rear wheel assembly again. Like a moron, I forgot the freaking chain adjusters!!! Hmmm.. maybe that's were the gap came from.

ugh....at least I figured it out. Now it's time for steak!

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Lucky said...

Hunger & Frustration will mess you up. It's easy to get wrapped up in trying to "solve the problem" when what you really need to do is walk away and come back to it.

Glad you got it figured out!