rusty tubes

My fork tubes are pitted and nasty but thankfully it's not in the travel area. So, it doesn't cause any issues with the fork seals. The stock headlight ears are in rough shape, so I'm thinking about using a universal style. If I go that route, the nasty tubes will show. Part of me doesn't care and just wants to get it on the road on the cheap. If I go the universal route, I'll have to return the fork boots I just received and try to track down dust caps or boots that don't need the stock ears.

Going on the cheap, I could re-use the ears and the boots I currently have. This would look rougher than I'd like but I could save my pennies and put them towards the lowering kit from Cycle Exchange and drop the height by about an inch. This would also give me shiny new fork tubes. While the front end is off again, I could rebuild the forks since it will probably be time.

I happier news, my stem bearings and swing arm bushings are resting in the freezer, waiting to be installed once they're shrunk down a bit. I still need to track down a swing arm collar to complete the rear end. I have a new swing arm bolt w/dual zerg fittings to keep everything nice and greasy.

one piece at a time...

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