Well, still waiting on the dough but I set up some test rides today. On the schedule was the 1993 750 Honda Nighthawk and the 1993 Yamaha SECA II. After waiting for call backs to confirm, we decided to set out and try to blindly find the Ducati Dealership.

About 2 hours later (we eventually found the dealership) the owner of the Yamaha called so we swung the car around and headed north. Not 5 minutes after the guy called, the owner of the Nighthawk called. He apologized for taking so long to call me back. Before I called, two guys showed up and bought the 'hawk. "No worries, congrats on the sale." I told him.

Fast-forward 45 minutes, we arrive at the SECA II. Visually, it's in good shape for a 93. The front brakes are out due to pads (the owner says he ordered them, just hasn't got them yet)and the shifter linkage is a bit loose. No leaks, oil smelled fine, chain and sprockets are good. Some minor scratching on the engine cases from a drop or two. Nothing broken though. The engine wasn't completely cold but it started right up and ran well. No valve chatter, no smoke.

Throw on the gear and hop on for a test ride. Man, this bike is narrow and light compared to ye olde CB750 SOHC. The throttle has a sharper power curve too. Out tooling around trying to get comfy, the posture is good but I'm not used to the foot peg position. It rides, runs and shifts great. No flat spots or stumbling problems. After opening it up a bit, the smile begins. I like this bike.

I pull in and tell the guy I have a few more to look at and I'll call him in the middle of the week and see if he still has it. (Try to hide the excitement) So, we'll see if it's still for sale. Next comes the barter. He's asking $1400, down from the original price of $1700. I'm going to offer $1200 and go from there. I'd pay his asking price but that's not how this works.

We'll see how things turn out.

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