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Tax check come, tax check go...

Got our State return today. Within an hour, it's damn near gone. I have a butt-load of moto related gear coming in the mail. Tires, rain gear, gloves, gaskets, grips and other fun stuff. The Federal won't be as fun to spend but at least we're killing debt with it.

The tires I ordered are Kenda K671s. Like these:

I emailed a few people from ADVRider who have used them and they all had positive things to say. Plus, for $68 each, kinda hard to beat that deal. I don't expect to be dragging a knee through the twisties. I want reliable traction in all weather, good tread life and a good price.

I'm still gathering info for the ride to Cananda. I'd really like to stop someplace and camp in Michigan then do the same along Highway 17, north of the Soo. There are a few peninsulas along 17 that look like prime spots. From what I've read, as long as you aren't close to the road, on someone's yard or in the way of boat loading, you're fine. Socially accepted stealth camping. Spend $50-$100 a night for a hotel or $0 and wake up looking at the lake. I'll take the lake.

I've read horror stories about the black flies, so that's going to determine when I go. The Mrs goes back to school in August, I need to go before then so I won't have to worry about a dog sitter.

A day or two of that would do me well.


More drooling...

I sat on two of these today.

I think I'm gonna start playing the Idiot Tax (lottery).

The F800GS looks like a tall, wobbly pig but in reality, it feels very light and comfortable. The riding position is very natural to me, unlike the Kawasaki Versys and Suzuki DL650. Both felt too high and visually front/top heavy. I'll keep an eye on the BMW Demo Days this summer. I might have to take a GS out for a spin.

It really is torture to go into that dealership but I'm always glad to stop and look. By the time I can park one of those in the garage, there will be plenty on the used market.



You'll notice some links have disappeared from my sidebar. The 7plus8 blog is now strictly motorcycle content. There are two new links, TA Moto USA and TA Moto Blog.

The TA Moto site is a group effort by mutual motorcycle friends to provide a great resource for gear reviews, ride reports, tips/tricks and general motorcycle goodness. There is a blog and an official website. Over the next few months, we'll be posting more in-depth gear reviews and some ride reports on the site. We have some big plans for the site and the future. Track days, Bike Nights and the Indy Dealer Expo.

You'll see some of my motorcycle content repeated on there as well.


Today would be better if.....

Today would be better if I had a dirt bike. Something small like an XR100 would be perfect. Throw on the carhartt suit, some armor and hit the abandoned streets. I'll have to keep an eye out for one this year. Would be handy for the coming zombie apocalypse.