You'll notice some links have disappeared from my sidebar. The 7plus8 blog is now strictly motorcycle content. There are two new links, TA Moto USA and TA Moto Blog.

The TA Moto site is a group effort by mutual motorcycle friends to provide a great resource for gear reviews, ride reports, tips/tricks and general motorcycle goodness. There is a blog and an official website. Over the next few months, we'll be posting more in-depth gear reviews and some ride reports on the site. We have some big plans for the site and the future. Track days, Bike Nights and the Indy Dealer Expo.

You'll see some of my motorcycle content repeated on there as well.


Surly said...

For the record my blog is going back to more motorcycling content. Mostly from a photographic standpoint.

red said...

Cool! You take some damn good photos!