one step closer to a better shop

After a quick ride to the gas station this morning, I decided it was time to clean up the garage. I pulled tons of junk out and into the shed, including the CB750 and chappy frames. All misc bike parts are now out of the way. There is still plenty of organization and rearranging to be done.

The garage is now home to only garage related items. (Except for all the dry wall and french doors or our room remodel.)

Too bad I don't have a before picture.

Feels good to have plenty of room to work on the motorcycles.


Raftnn said...

The only thing I like cleaning out is the garage! Nice sprint you hace good taste !

red said...

Hey Raftnn, thanks for stopping by. I wish the Sprint was mine but it's a friends. I tell him all the time that he should have got the red instead of grey. =]