running in the rain

Just got back from my first ride of the year. The rain was pretty mild and all my gear held up well. The heated grips were great. I wore my new Rev'it! Zenith gloves instead of my waterproof insulated Cortech Scarabs. The Zenith gloves are great, with one exception. There is a tab of leather on the left palm that is bunched up. Hopefully that will break in and become a non-issue. My hands were a bit damp but warm.

My riding pants, AGV Telluride, are great. The only issue I have is the shell is not waterproof. Instead, they have a removable wp liner along with a quilted liner. So, my butt felt wet but wasn't. I'll end up spraying them with some TechTron or Scotchguard to fix that. Under my riding pants, I'm wearing SixSixOne Bomber shorts, which are mesh with soft padding in all the needed areas. They fit well and definitely will dampen a fall.

Still riding on my crappy tires but going slow and safe, it was no problem. Only had one wiggly moment on a tar snake/rain groove.

It was damn good to be out on two today. I woke up saying to myself, "I'm going to ride today, no matter how short.".


SonjaM said...

Even a short ride is a good ride. Good you got out.

Better change the shoes of your bike soon, getting wiggly on tar snakes is not a good sign...

red said...

Hi SonjaM, thanks for stopping by!

I have a fresh set of tires in my garage just haven't had them changed out yet. But that will change soon, spring is almost upon us!