Fun in the south

This past Friday, I headed south to Nashville, IN to meet up with some friends for a bachelor par-tay. The bachelor, his friend and myself headed down SR 9, to 44 and into Franklin to catch 135 South. Our ride was uneventful, especially since we were either stuck behind a truck or stuck behind "Jay Feather" the camper through all the fun twisty parts. As we made our way out of Nashville towards the cabin, the sun was setting and the pavement began dwindle.

By the time we reached our destination, the road was gravel and we had a good size hill to tackle. We successfully made it up the hill but decided to use a friends car for any trips to town. The bike line up was pretty diverse: VStrom, BMW K bike, a 900 Vulcan and my wee SECA II.

Beers were drank, meat was cooked on the grill, cigars were smoked and stories were told around a campfire. I think we spent about 5 minutes total talking about marriage, the rest of the time was spent talking about motorcycles and future trips.

On Sunday morning we followed our friend on the Strom that lives in the area. He literally rides the road we took every day. It was almost unnatural how fast and smooth he navigated the twists and turns. I know my cornering skills need some work and coming in too hot on one corner only reinforced that. So, time to practice practice practice (and read "Proficient Motorcycling"). The rest of the ride back was up boring 37 North.

The trip was great and it looks like we're going to make it a yearly event.

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