a bit heavier on the right side

If you keep looking to your right, a little farther, keep going, there you go, you'll notice a few new links. Lazy Motorbike is a cool Scandinavian / Euro site with tons of great tips and cool pictures. You'll get to see all kinds of cool scoots we don't get here in the states. Tilted Horizons has some cool posts from Doug in Delaware. Sound Rider is a kick ass site for the Pacific Northwet (huh huh huh). Maybe if the Midwest had more twisty roads and better scenery, we could have a cool page like that too. I also added CycleXchange, they have the craziest webpage and it's packed full-o-parts for CB750 SOHCs. Ken (from CycleX) is the wizard that built the CB970 engine we stuffed into Funky's land speed racer. If you haven't checked out JapanBash, get over there and start checking out awesome ride reports from the land that brought us so many cool bikes.


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