First Long Trip

I'm planning a bike trip for my wife's birthday in August. The destination is super secret but the trip is not. She started riding with me this summer, at her own request. I never made her ride with me, nor will I ever tell her to get her own bike. Some people just aren't cut out for certain activities. I prefer to never have to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane, while others would never swing a leg over a motorcycle. To each their own.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the trip. So, her first ride with me was to a vintage bike show about 45 minutes north of our house. The ride home was stretched out to about an hour and a half. She did well as a passenger, no sudden position changes or unnecessary movements. We've been out a handful of times since then and it's always a good time. Granted, it would be better on a bike with more oomph but you make do with what you have.

So the destination is about 5 or 6 hours away, depending on where we stop. I don't have an exact target, more of a general area. It's going to be hot so we need to invest in mesh gear. We grabbed a pair of used Joe Rocket mesh pants from ebay that fit both of us. I tested them yesterday commuting to work and they're awesome. I don't ever want another pair of riding pants that don't have at least 3/4 zippers up the legs. In addition to the JR pants, I got a pair of BMW summer paints from the Flea Market on ADVrider. They're khaki and fit well but the armor sits a bit too low. Granted, it's not BMW armor so the fit in the pockets isn't quite right. I haven't tested them out yet, I was too enthralled with the mesh. We'll see how they are when we go out with Wheels tomorrow.

We still both need mesh jackets and RedQueen needs some good riding boots that don't have high heels or other stripper accents. Why is so damn hard to find good gear for ladies?

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