one smaller issue down.... one big one to go.

In the process of trying to track down the issue on the Ulysses, I've fixed a few other that popped up. As much as I liked the idea of a throttle lock, it was causing some serious drag on the right hand grip.  That plus some poorly routed cables caused the throttle to not snap back as intended.   That's been taken care of.

While doing TPS resets using ECMSpy and a cable, I noticed the TPS voltage would randomly change, as would the opening percentage.  That can't be good!  At first I thought the sensor might be failing and at 67k miles, not surprising.  Before I threw down the dough to Southside Harley Davidson for a TPS, I decided to be smart and check connections. I have a sneaking suspicion that the TPS sensor probably works better when it doesn't wobble on the throttle body!

The mounting bolts are little.  9/32 of an inch little.  With it being almost 6pm on a Sunday, Wheels and I head towards Lowes in search of some micro wrenches.  Kobalt didn't make any so it was time to race to Sears in hopes of a Craftsman solution.  I found a bag of ignition wrenches that are perfect!  With the TPS tightened, we did another reset and I went out for a test ride.

The idle was smooth and all was well until the bike hit closed loop mode, then it went to hell again.  Tonight, we'll be replacing the oxygen sensor to see if that helps.  If that doesn't work, then I'm going to go ahead and  track down an CPS.

The culprit ended up being a failing TPS.

It was replaced with one from AutoZone.  Duralast #TPS213, fits early XB12X only.

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