Dealer Expo Day 1

The Dealer Expo was a great experience!  We met a lot of great manufactures and saw some very innovative products.

Everyone knows Held, Arai and other big companies make impressive gear.  However, there are other great companies out there with high quality gear and features that will blow your mind.  Take Macna for example.  They sell the NightEye jacket which features a body and sleeves made from material covered in microscopic glass beads that act as billions of tiny mirrors.  Imagine a jacket that lights up at night like a Hi-Viz does during the day!  You can ride around and not look like a traffic cone. 

I didn't take a lot of pictures due to being overwhelmed by it all.  We'll be back on Sunday and I'll post some  additional pictures.   Tomorrow we'll be attending the Progressive International Motorcycle Show and we'll report back on all the moto fun!

The Stealth helmet from Phantom (Vega). A very cool modular lid with massive field of vision!
(So new I can't find any info on the web!)

 The EBR 1190RS

The Nikko Bart open face helmet with hilarious graphics!


Gymi Kroeter said...

Love the Indian Tracker and the Buell

red said...

McMark will be posting some shots from the Progressive International Show soon. I have some less impressive cell phone shots to add to this post. Also, there are more pics on my FB account of the EBR.

ShrewsieQ said...

The Phantom Vega Stealth helmet is pretty Rad, color and generous field of vision!