monkey bikes and memories

I've been browsing Craigslist to get a few ideas on bikes for ShrewsieQ and I ran across this:


How can this not be a complete blast!?!

As a kid, I was obsessed with the Honda Trail 70 that was left to rot in the corner of my friends' garage.  His  parents probably got tired of their son's nerdy friend bugging them about it.  They were lucky enough to live outside of town with plenty of room for dirt bikes.  So eventually, they bought an XR80 for my friend and what seemed giant at the time, an XL200 for his Dad.  I lived in town and the closest I ever came to owning a dirt bike was the Tecumseh Mini bike I had for a summer.  I got in trouble on it a few times and eventually broke the pull starter.  It mysteriously vanished from the garage one weekend, never to return. 

Throughout the summer, I rode on the back of the XR80 a few times and my bike fever got worse every time.  I would spend hours devouring the pages of Dennis Kirk catalogs and the local For Sale ads dreaming about bikes, helmets and all the possibilities.  I rode the XR80 a few times, always limited to within his Dad's line of sight.  

I told ShrewsieQ that when we have kids, I won't deprive them of two wheeled joy.  There are plenty of safe ways for kids to get the motorcycle bug.  

I still really want an orange 80's XR80.  

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