I have a sickness.

MMmmm.... M2 Cyclone.  

The Ulysses infected me with a lust for V Twin sport bikes.

I'm also suffering from a recent desire to just buy something like this as my urban commute weapon.
How much money do they give you for blood/plasma?  


NotClauswitz said...

Incurable, can't be helped!

red said...

I agree. There is no hope. Even though it isn't time to buy a new bike, I'm shopping. Every thing I find that interests me gets immediately compared to the Uly.

My moto-brain says things like:

It won't be as fun. That's not enough torque. You'll be bored. I bet it rides like a sewing machine.
That bike has no soul. Etc etc etc

If EBR made a 800cc (+/-) v twin powered adventure bike (like the F800GS), I would be in heaven.

My desire for something light weight is going to get overridden by the need to be able to haul 2 people plus gear. Now, I'm leaning towards the R1100GS (assuming I don't get lucky and find another Uly).

Gymi Kroeter said...

My buddy has his '98 Lightning on the block, check it:

red said...

Gymi, that Lightning is beautiful. I like the blue anodizing. I would just make a mess of it. I'm a rat bike kind of guy, my bikes don't get polished or washed unless it rains.

Which works well for the dirt cheap M2 Cyclone I posted a picture of. The price is down to $1800. Still out of my current budget.

I know the ideal situation is to have a torque filled Buell and a nice dual sport bike but that will have to wait for the future.

red said...

See the updated post for pics of my other current obsession.

Gymi Kroeter said...

I would jump on that XT.

red said...

Details sent Gymi.