Moto Foto Monday: Battle of the Dual Sports!

KLR650 vs DR650! 

The battle between the two workhorse dual sports rages on. 

Which side are you on?  


Lucky said...

Personally, I have always been a KLR fan. However, I have no personal experience to go on or reason for that preference. Also, in taking a look at that Suzuki... I might switch teams.

I haven't researched the Suzuki at all, but I do remember that one thing that was appealing to me was that the design had been basically the same for the last twenty or thirty years, and they're common, so finding parts would never be a problem regardless of where my adventure took me.

You know, with all that adventuring I do in remote places... ;)

red said...

I've always liked KLRs as well but the simplicity of the DR as well as the rumored better build quality won me over. I prefer easier valve adjustments, even if they are more frequent (the DR has screw/nut adjusters while the KLR has shims).

I think I'd be happy with either one. However, they're both going to need some mods in-order to fill all the roles I need,especially two-up duty.

red said...

I won't be doing a lot of adventures and there aren't too many remote places in Indiana.

My riding will all be local, especially with the wee-one arriving in Jan but I want a solid, dependable do it all bike that I can build to suit my needs.