Going Naked: XJ600 Naked Conversion Stage 1

Over the weekend, my XJ went from this:

To this: 

The process was fairly simple since I'm using an old Garmin GPS as my speedometer and trip meter.  I'm not sure how well that will work out but it's better than nothing and my penny tech budget doesn't have room for new gauges.  I used 1.5" anti-vibration clamps on the forks, shimmed with some rubber drawer liner.  For the ears, I cut up an old street sign I had laying around.  The headlight is from a Suzuki GS.  

There is still a lot left to do.  Stage Two includes making a dash to house my power plug, heated grip switch and the warning LEDs (oil, signals and neutral).  Then it's on to making covers for the coils and horn.  I plan on cutting down the stock wind screen and making a little fly screen. 

I'm looking forward to riding it this week. (I have no choice, a CV Joint failed on my Element.). 


Joel Cramer said...

Hey Red,

Radianrider from ADV.

Just saw you are planning to cut down your stock screen to make a flyscreen. I have a universal fit Givi screen I won't be using. Happy to sell it at a very good price. That would allow you to keep your screen stock for future projects. :) Hard enough to find stock parts for the Seca II and you may be able to sell the stock unit for very good money to someone working to bring one back to stock.

The Radian in my screen name is from my '86 Yamaha Radian--used the same engine as your Seca II. Seca came out to update the Radian line. Nice engine on those bikes.


Joel Cramer said...

You can see the screen on post #115 of my ADV thread. No pressure--just an option to keep rare Seca II parts around. :)

red said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the offer! I actually just shipped off the stock fairing and screen to a guy on the XJ forum. When the time came to chop it up, I couldn't do it. My heated grip switch is on the headlight bucket, not sure if a fly screen would still allow me to reach the it.

Maybe we can mock it up and see if it would work?

Be careful reading all my rants, it might rot your brain.

Joel Cramer said...

Warning duly noted! But might keep the same notice in mind while reading my thread too! :)

Happy to see if the Givi might work for you. And won't feel badly if you decide against it--truly no pressure. I just know I won't use it. I was researching how to cut it down when the Buell flyscreen fell into my lap.

The Givi put the wind right at the bottom of my helmet in the slant back position and was incredibly noisy. In the upright position it just made my eyeballs vibrate with the buffeting. Taller or shorter and it might have worked--but I am just the wrong height.

Nice to know the stock screen is still alive and kicking.

red said...

That's how the stock XJ screen was for me. Shot the wind right into my chin.

Sky Jackson said...
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red said...

Nope, sorry. I sold it. Try the xjrider forum, they pop up from time to time.