Project CBR600F: Pluggin' more leaks, and enjoying the weather.

 Today was a beautiful day to ride.  It feels like early autumn, which is my favorite time of year for basically everything.  I'm hoping to squeeze in a big trip this year, so I've been riding around pretty much fully loaded for a multi-day camping trip.  The only luggage I'm missing is the dry bag full of clothes and a sleeping bag.  

I noticed last week that my shifter seal was still seeping some oil, and I remembered that I had ordered one a while back but was waiting until my next oil change. Might as well do that oil change today over lunch!  Started the oil draining when I got home, and did the seal change, filter swap, and fill up after work.  Nice and easy.  The pick set from Harbor Freight was perfect.  The old seal popped out, hard as a rock, the new one slid on but I didn't have a socket long enough to seat it.  So, I improvised, using the spool from some twine.  It's not stupid, if it works! I also swapped out the stock plug for a magnetic plug I ordered with my first set of jets from Jets-R-Us

One less leak!

Purty red plug.

The breakfast of champions!

The 108 Mains are doing great.  I may add a shim under the needle at some point but for now, I'm leaving it alone.  I hope to get out for some long distance runs this weekend.  The seat still sucks, but the foam I added to the cover helps out.  

Stay safe out there. 

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