Viking Bags - Dirtman Enduro Saddlebags

Commuting on a bike tends to require some storage space for things like rain gear, layers and other daily needs.  On a bike like the Ducati Monster, there aren't a lot of budget friendly, daily use luggage options.  Viking Bags  mainly specializes in luggage for cruiser bikes but recently they have added a line of dirt/dual sport luggage.  It includes the Dirtman Enduro Saddlebags and the Dirtman Enduro Tank Bag.  The Monster already has a tank bag so some saddlebags were needed.  

For $80, you get both saddlebags and the mounting hardware.  The bags are rubber lined on the main compartment so they offer some weather resistance but for serious downpours, I would use either an over bag or a dry sack inside. Each bag has an exterior pocket and a single compression strap. The zippers are nice and large and are covered by a storm flap to help keep out the elements. Total storage space is listed as 1375 cubic inches, it's definitely plenty for a daily use saddlebag or even a long weekend if you pack light.  

Since these are made for a dual sport / enduro bike, it will take some trial and error to get them to work with your street bike.  The install time for the Duc was about 10 min.  Some strap trimming was required.  If you trim, be sure to melt the ends of the webbing so it doesn't fray. 

Once mounted, they've been secure and work perfectly for daily use. Anything larger would really be overkill for daily use and anything smaller wouldn't be enough.  

Plenty of room left over!

Contents of Left Bag
1. Hi Viz Safety Vest
2. LED Light 
3. Gauntlet Gloves
4. Short Cuff Gloves
5. Neck Gaiters (warm and cool weather)

Contents of Right Bag:
1. Rain Jacket
2. Rain Pants
3. Tank Bag Rain Cover
4. Water Bottle

Overall these bags are a killer deal and worth every penny.  I'm looking forward to putting some serious miles on them.  


The Viking Bags Dirtman Enduro Saddlebags were provided by Viking Bags for this review.


Sarah Anderson said...

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matt pike said...

I know this was written a long time ago, but I was hoping you’re still active and could tell me what brand and size tires you have on the bike. Please and thank you!