Project CBR600F: Revenge of the JIS!

One challenge of working on older Japanese bikes is the multitude of stripped out "phillips" screws that have fallen victim to our SAE screwdrivers.  In the past, I've replaced these with allen had screws and made my life and any future owner's lives easier.  Once those were replaced, I put on the airbox and started my plan for hiding all the extra wiring. 

JIS vs SAE phillips screwdriver. 


Easier to service and stronger hardware. 

This is not normally to be used as lube, but this time it is. 

Using the sanitizer, the carbs went in without issue.

Clean-ish K&N.

I sacrificed an intake tube so I can bury the extra wiring. 

Temp location for the fuse block, not weather friendly.

I need a battery, oil and coolant, then I can test start!

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red said...

Questionable gel battery is en-route from Amazon!