heat 'em up!

Thank you Mr Exhaust Benderman for fixing my vintage scrambler pipes! Chrome damage was unavoidable but you know how I feel about chrome. Now I just have more of an incentive to buy that header wrap. It cost me $30 to have the pipes bent back, not a bad deal. Another service slip to add to the Frankencycle File. I have all the reciepts from all the parts and work that have been done to the bike. Not that it matters, I don't plan on selling it.

Last night, I told Funkz that if the CL croaks or self detonates when we get it running, I'll be pissed but I've learned alot. If that did happen, I'll just have to find another bike. (Daydreams about the Triumph Scrambler)

The CL has fought me during every step of the rebuild. But I'm detereminded to ressurect it from the dead. In some ways, it's a zombie bike.

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