I pulled the left peg last night and removed the front sprocket cover only to find this:

Ooops! I guess something was adjusted way out of whack. Unfortunatly, I pitched my spare covers a few weeks ago. So now I have to find a replacement. Anyone have a spare? I've got plenty of parts to trade. On a happier note, the tank turned out great but now I need to repaint it. The paint didn't hold up to the small amount of gas that was spilled on the tank. I don't know much about paint, so I need to research what paint I can use. I prefer my paint out of a rattle can, no need for fancy paint jobs.

I must own this:

It's the VW GX3 concept car. If they decide to produce it, the price tag is pretty low for a VW, $17,000. Too bad they didn't incorporate a removable top of some sorts. That way you could drive all year. Still, I want the damn thing!

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