holy crap!

I hit the shop at 8:30 this morning, after a pit stop for breakfast.  The clutch cable took no time, in the process I noticed it could double as a front brake cable!  After the clutch was adjusted to my satisifaction, I started on the tank.  

Apparently, my only choice for a true gas resistant paint is professional quality paint with a clear coat.  The epoxy paint looked better but still didn't take to gas very well.  But it's better than nothing.  

With fresh gas in the tank and everything prepped, I wheeled the 450 out and hit the button.... 

Turns out we had the timing 180 off, how I have no clue.  So, I said screw Dyna's directions and did it on my own.  I had to modify the backing plate as much as I could.  Then had to grind off a corner and edge on botht the lash washer and nut.  But it works and seems to be spot on.  (yeah, I've said that before)

With the dyna adjusted, I tried another test start.  She started up but would only run with the choke and heavy throttle.  So, I tinkered with the fuel screw and it evened out.  Then I noticed the left carb was leaking just like it did before I rebuilt it.  It's still bubbling out of the top cover and around the rod that controls the choke.  So I pulled the carb, adjusted the float and made sure it was nice and clean.  No change.  Then I noticed it was spitting fuel out of the filter.  The right carb is fine but the plug got black prett quick.  So it's running rich, probaby compensating for the shitty left carb.  Since I rebuilt them not too long ago, I'm clueless.  I checked the surfaces and the gaskets, everything looked fine.    

damn you left carb! 

(I did get to ride about 2 feet though!)

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