Powered (indirectly) by Team Hansen

After much consideration over the leaking carb issue, I've decided to replace the stock Keihin CV carbs with Mikuni Slides. Sure, I could find a set of CVs, rebuild them and hope they work. But I'd rather upgrade when I replace. Team Hansen hooked me up with their dealer contact. I'm getting 2x 32mm Mikunis with the throttle kit for $230. Not too shabby! I also have a replacement front brake cable and 2 inline fuel filters coming. With any luck, I'll be able to get everything but the carbs installed early next week. Might as well bump up the shipping for the Mikunis and get them before the weekend. I have to get my bike finished up before we get the puppy. Then I have to find a nice balance between riding and working with the pup.

There are other things I need to fix. The tach isn't work but I'm not sure if it's the cable or gauge itself. I have a spare gauge, so I'm hoping that's the problem. I'm still shopping for tires but I gotta save up the cash for those. The present set will be enough to cruise the storage center and Post Office parking lot until I get my skills up to par. Next year, I'd like to take one of the ABATE courses. The training always helps, it discounts your insurance and once you complete the class, you get your endorsment. Too bad you can't bring your own bike.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend.
Keep the rubber side down!


Surly said...

Pull the tacho cable from the engine, put it in a cordless drill. Dont smash the end! Spin your drill on it's high setting and see if the tach moves. If not check the connection between the cable and tach. The cable should turn with little to no resistance.

Surly said...

Oh yeah, check it in both directions!

red said...

Cool, thanks! I've heard about doing that to spin old car odometers back but never thought about testing my tach that way.

The cable seems to spin freely but I'm not sure it's making good contact with the tach. Guess we'll find out.