2wheels for 2 rings....

The RedQueen and I have set a wedding date, April 7th, 2007. It should take place somewhere in central Indiana. I decided to sell my bike to help fund the wedding and just grab another scoot next spring. The Frankencycle rocks but I'll gladly be bike impaired for a bit and have some of the stress or ring shopping chipped away. If you or anyone you know is interested you can check the ad:


Of course the price is flexible.

In other news...there is no other news. I've been sick with the Zombie Death Flu. Or as it's more commonly known, Acute Bronchitis with a touch of Pneumonia.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on setting a wedding date!

You know that once you get married, people stop asking when you're going to get married and start harassing you about having kids, right?

Good luck selling your bike too. I'm going to be jealous of whoever gets it.

red said...


Funny enough, no one has been asking when we're gonna get married. A surprising lack of pressure from friends and family.

Surly said...

Congratulations on the wedding! I sold my SRX to finance our wedding so I can relate. Good luck selling the bike. The next build will be more fun because you've learned so much this time. Rock on.