shop time

Mike and I hit the shop yesterday and dug into a few projects. He brought down the Norton and the red CB350. We fired up the heaters, turned up the Black Sabbath and began on the Norton. After a short examination we found that his main shaft was sheared off. Might explain why it wasn't really going together right. So we put it back in the van and wheeled in the 350.

The front brake needs to be rebuilt and the fork is about as firm as jello. The carbs are dismantled but I have 1 complete rebuild kit and one partial. The clutch is gummed up and the cable probably needs to be replaced. Plus the standard sprockets, chain, tires and filters. The tank is from a CL so it's a bit short and nasty inside. That will need to be swapped in the future. Shouldn't take much to be a fun little scoots. We got it to fire up w/starting fluid. The first two or three times it blew out some carbon but on the last kick it was pretty clean.

Even the 450 got some attention. Still haven't sold it yet. We decided to find a set of stock carbs to swap with the Mikunis. That way we're only fighting one front at a time. Maybe take the other route and put points back on it. Definitely cheaper that way.

Here's a pic of the 350:

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