In response to Gymi's comment about my progess, I thought I'd give a little info on why things are really rocking in the shop with the two CB750s.

I really want to get some riding in this summer on my own bike. My last two projects were sold before I ever had them plated or really got to ride them. I sold my CL450 to pay for wedding rings and sold the CB350 because I was tired of fighting it. I used to be much much worse working in the garage. I would jump from job to job and never really get anything finished. I just didn't have the concentration to get things done.

Turns out, I was battling some health issues that were making a fair amount of my life very very shitty. My thyroid crapped out and now it's getting under control. Found out I have a gluten allergy and drastically changed my diet. Plus, I decided to get into better shape. It's all got me closer to where I used to be in my life. So now, I can actually get things done in the shop. I might also finally take the online motorcycle mechanics course again and finish it! I gave up about halfway through and only absorbed about a third of what I studied. Once again, thanks to my thyroid issues.

So, there you go. The toughest part of all this work on my bike is finding the cash for parts. But isn't that how it always is?


Gymi said...

That's the rub, you have a price in mind that you want to spend on a project, then it winds up costing way more than you ever thought it would. Plus setting aside the time to get it done.

You are definitely hauling some ass brother, glad your feeling better.


red said...

Yup, it always turns out that way. Thankfully we found some new parts my friend bought for his 750 that were never used. Save me a bit of cash.