shop day!

We picked up Funky's frame from the welding shop Sat morning. The splice kit turned out amazing, probably the cleanest weld job I have ever seen. After some running around for misc supplies and tools, we finally got down to business. Funky began painting his frame, while I put the gauge cluster and controls back on my bike.

As I began to route the wiring harness, I found a few issues that I had overlooked. So, I pulled the loom wrap off and found two broken wires and lots of spots with grey electrical tape. I pulled the tape and found very factory looking solder joints. I re-wrapped the harness and pulled the wires that dead end. It took some test fitting to find the best route for the harness but we finally got it squared away. I still hold my grudge with Honda over stuffing all the wiring in the headlight bucket from when I did my CL450. The CB750 is the exact same, so I'll save the fun of connect the colors for another day. I installed my new heavy duty fuse block in the tool tray, so it's a bit more accessible.

Another friend with a 77 CB750 showed up and we checked out some carb issues he's been having. The emulsion tube on carb 1 is stripped out but a quick cleaning made some improvement. We tinkered with the black 77 project bike and got it to turn over but the carbs are too gummed up to flow good gas. So, it goes back to the bottom of the list. At least we got all the bad gas out of the tank.

Once Funky's frame was dry, we began reassembly. Installed the swing arm with bronze bushings and the new tapered stem bearings. There is still a bit of wiring to finish on his bike, so we got it to a rolling frame and called it a night.

Counting all the running around, we put in a roughly 16 hour day in the shop. A great way to spend a Saturday.

Holy crap, I'm a terrible photographer.

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