BMW update and others...

I spoke to the owner of the BMW. He's the third owner, it's from California. According to him, it runs well and shifts fine. The only issue is a flakey rear brake light switch. Might need to be adjusted or replaced. He said it's been down so there's some scrapes on the engine case. Unfortunately, he does not have any maintenance records, so that makes me a bit uneasy. The rear shaft had the u-joint replaced 500 miles ago. All in all, I'm not hopeful about it's condition. I'll still check it out and take it for swing.

There's also a 93 Honda Nighthawk 750 for a good price only about 30 minutes from me. I'll check that one out as well as the SECA II.

Tired of internet shopping and research...I want to get on with the test rides.

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