I need your opinion....

So... It will take roughly $1200 to finish my CB750. I have a choice, I can either finish this bike all at once or put that cash towards a running bike. I'm leaning heavily towards the purchase of something different. So, I need your opinions on the few bikes I'm considering.

1. another CB750 (F series)
2. 2002+ Buell Blast
3. Yamaha SECA II
4. Any suggestions?

I love the 750s but I won't be selling mine, so I can piece it together slowly over time. I like the simplicity of the Blast plus it's weight and size are a plus. The SECA II seems to be a great "do everything" bike. Once it gets closer to purchase time, I'll do some shopping and test rides.

What do you think?


Der_General said...

1. - I'd pass. I've dumped tons of money into 70's era Honda CB's over the years, once they hit a certain age, they turn into money pits.

2. - The Blast is, appropriately, a blast to ride, and I love the streetfighter-y look. I don't know how the demise of Buell will affect parts availability, but since it's essentially half of a Sportster engine, I don't thing it'll be an issue.

3. - The SECA is a cool bike. it's also been out of production for 12 years and never really was a huge seller in the U.S., so parts may be an issue.

4. - I'd consider a Nighthawk 750. It's stone-axe reliable (it's basically the Civic of motorcycles) and Honda sold millions of 'em for over twenty years, so parts won't be an issue. Honda parts support is better than Yamaha on the whole, too.

Gymi said...

You may want to take a look at Suzuki's GS750 and 1000 E models. Both the two and four valve versions are built like anvils and they are a relative bargain compared with their contemporaries.
Also the GS850G is a nice bike as well.

red said...

I found an 85 Suzuki GS700e that I dig. So, right now, it's that and the SECA II. We'll see what I think when it comes time to shop.

I still dig the Buell but I'm worried about long term reliability.