Rise of the CB970

New videos to come.

"Official Ride Report":

The bike runs like a dream. It takes a massive leg to kick start it. As Ken from CycleXchange says, "Welcome to the world of High Performance.". Tons of power all through the throttle range, no leaks, no stuttering, did I mention tons of power?

One bike resurrected, one to go.


Gymi said...

Did you get the gauges from Mikes XS? I was thinking about getting the same gauges for the 500.

red said...

I'm not sure where he got them. The speedo is LED backlit but the tach is standard bulb. So, they aren't matched but it kinda gives it more of a Mad Max feel.

For the tach mount, we cut up an old license plate because we didn't have any other options.

Gymi said...

They look good.