new bike!

I picked up my bike last night.

1993 Yamaha SECA II XJ600S
w/ Yoshimura 4 into 1 and Corbin Saddle

It's a big change from the 76 CB750 I was riding off and on last year. Very light (450lbs curb) and pretty thin. You had to really make the CB lean, this leans over very easily. I'm slowly building up my confidence again and my situational awareness. I screwed up a couple of turns, ended up taking them wide and slow. The skills will come with time and practice.

All in all, I really like the bike. I'm adjusting to the foot position, it's slightly farther back than "standard".

I extended the Battery Tender leads and routed through the back rest hole in the seat.


Gymi said...

Nice bike and it's a Yamaha to boot. Good job Red and congrats.

red said...

Thanks! I dig it and besides the BMW, it was the main bike I was interested in. The NightHawk never really had my interest besides the reliability.

It's a fun scoot a big change from the 530lb CB750!

DirtCrashr said...

It's a great, lightweight all-around do-everything bike, the Yosh exhaust makes it sound nice.
I had a shorty Yosh pipe on my FZ600 which was a Seca-II in mufti with (only) a two-valve (per cylinder) Raidan motor - until I realized I was simply alerting the Cops ahead of my impending arrival. :-)

red said...

Yeah, the Yosh sounds great! I've learned that the bike responds really well to weight. Been doing a lot of short rides to help get me familiar with it.

Waiting for a new rear tire before I go any farther.

Grumpyunk said...

Hey Red, nice pickup! Those are nice bikes. Rode my friends a few times and really liked it. Good on ya!

red said...

Thank Unk, I've been going out on more short rides to get familiar and build up confidence. Really need to scrap together the dough for a new rear tire! It's a fun scoot.