When we were stripping my bike down to do the heated grip kit, we found out my fuel valve doesn't shut off in the On position (should be vacuum activated). Which means, I didn't really have a reserve setting. I pulled the valve apart and found rotten gaskets and a missing piece. "That's yer problum rite there." With some replacement parts, it's functioning like normal.

I also modified the grip kit so now I have a plug connection between the switch and the harness. It will make future fairing removal much easier. So, with heated grips on the left fairing, I added a power outlet on the right to keep things balanced and have a spot to charge my phone and or ipod.

After mounting the tank, I fired up my bike for the first time this year. It was damn good sound. Now, I have to cut the fairing for the new additions and mount them. Still a lot left to do but we have time and the weather is getting better. It won't be long until riding season is upon us.


Grumpyunk said...

"It won't be long until riding season is upon us." - WooHoo!!!!!

red said...


Got my fairing put back on and the grip switch/power port installed last night.

Lot of things left to do but it was damn nice to be in the garage making progress.

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