range day!

This morning we headed out to the MCFG range to test my P22 and the mods I did to the Charter Arms Explorer II pistol. Thursday night, I cleaned and checked over the P22 and shimmed the front of the trigger guard on the Charter to help the feed alignment issue. I also had an issue with the removable front sight on the P22 coming loose. A bit of surface prep and then a dab of JB Weld took care of that issue.

Here's the breakdown on ammo and issues with the P22:

CCI 40g MM RN: 2 FTF last round
CCI 36g MM HP: 1 FTF (did not pull from mag) 1 FTE
FED 40g HV RN: No issues
WIN 40g HV RN: No issues
FED 36g bulk : 1 FTF (did not pull from mag)

The only other issue that occurred was the slide did not always lock back. I know this mag is one of the first generation and they had issues. I'll call Walther on Monday and see what they say. All things considered, I'm really happy with my purchase. It's more accurate than I am and has a great DA/SA trigger. 22lr is not a great carry round but I would be comfortable with the P22 loaded up with the Winchester Super X 40g HV RN. I need to pick up another magazine and a discrete holster for backpacking.

The Charter Arms Explorer II actually fed well, especially with the HV ammo. The mag shim could be a bit thicker but it needs to be remade anyway. I doubt my aluminium shim (from a coke can) and electrical tape will last too long. Time to order a new rear sight and some more mags. It's actually a really fun gun to shoot. Guess it's a keeper! It will probably get thrown into my go-bag since it weighs nothing.

Shooting stuff is always fun and at $7 for 100 rounds, it's easy on the budget.


Gymi said...

I love plinkin' just can't beat the bang for the buck factor. That PPS is a beauty.

red said...

Thanks, it's a blast to shoot. (no pun intended) I really like the "euro" style mag release along the bottom of the trigger guard.