Lunch in Anderson Indiana

This past Friday I had the day off and after a bit of house work I decided to take a trip to Anderson Indiana on the motorcycle.With no particular destination in mind, I took to the back roads.

After some gentle curves and picturesque views, I was dumped out into downtown Anderson. I planned on grabbing a bite to eat and then ride around a bit checking out the city. Much of the area is still recovering from the recent rain which has caused many floods throughout Indiana.

I hadn't looked at a map before coming to Anderson so I had little sense of where I was in the city. After a bit of cruising around the streets, I decided to use the GPS to find a local diner or cafe.

The GPS pulled up 2 interesting eateries. The first was Lemon Drop and the second was Gene's Root Beer. The idea of a root beer clinched the decision. I'll hit the Lemon Drop next time.

Diligently following the GPS, I was dumped into a waste land which had a Fallout flair to it. I'm not sure what this area had been in the past, but the whole lot was a mix of concrete, loose gravel, glass and weeds. After a few careful laps I was greeted by a locked gate which signaled that I would need to find another way.

On my new route to Gene's Root Beer, I did pass the Lemon Drop and noticed it had drawn a large lunch crowd. Next time I'm in Anderson I'll stop in for a burger.

Gene's Root Beer, located off of Scatterfield Road, had drawn its own crowd of locals. When I pulled the bike in, I was greeted by a friendly staff member who was happy to see me riding.

Gene's Root Beer had your standard Drive-in fare but what caught my eye was the tenderloin. I've been waiting for the right time to derail my diet, so I ordered a tenderloin sandwich, fries and a Root Beer. Sitting on one of the picnic tables, my order was brought out to me. I chatted with the server, who was anxiously waiting to get her husbands bike out when he recovers from a recent shoulder injury.

It was a good Friday. The weather was warm, the ride was good, and the sandwich was what I had hoped it would be.


red said...

We need to do a group ride to the wasteland for some photos. Very Mad Max. =]

Andrea Vaughn said...

Ummm.... But i LIVE in anderson and you didn't stop by!! When you come back we can meet you at Lemon Drop.

Andrea Vaughn said...

Though tim wrote this, but mark! You can get a hold of me too when you come back!

red said...

Let's set a date to meet at the Lemon Drop or wherever you'd like!

It would be good to hangout with you more than once every couple of years.

Andrea Vaughn said...

I'm pretty flexible... Name a day.

Surly said...

One of the best things about living in Indiana is the tenderloins.