scratch and sting

First off, the Mrs found my knife in her car! So, I added a a pocket clip from one of the box cutter knives. Works pretty well.

So, the Mrs and I were thinking about getting a few chickens next year but I'm also thinking about getting a hive instead. Eggs are pretty cheap, honey is not. I don't want to do both because it will pretty much just be me tending to whatever we get. The bees seem a bit less involved and I could be the crazy guy in the neighborhood with bees. I could also rock a bee-beard.

It's all just day dreaming right now. Before we start another project, I need to finally get our garden going.


Grumpyunk said...

Getting started in chickens is a lot easier and cheaper than bees. If you have neighbors close don't make a static pen for them. It'll smell like hell in pretty short order. A movable pen or chicken tractor is the way to go to keep your Wife and the neighbors happy. There's a ton of plans out there depending on how big you need and how you're gonna move it. I pulled my big one (10'x12') around with a Walmart lawn tractor. You can improvise pretty much whatever you need.

I want bees bad but the start up cost is huge. I have a couple of unfinished, Top Bar Hives out in the barn and I think I'm gonna put that project back on the, To Do list.
Seems like the cheapest way to get started.
Let me know if you're interested and maybe we could get together, talk chickens and build a couple of hives sometime this Fall or Winter.

red said...

The poo is one of the reasons I'm leaning more towards bees. Realistically, the garden has priority over any new projects. I'm definitely down for building some hives and talking turkey, I mean chicken.

Gymi said...

That Beard of bees is worth the start up cost by it's self.