Aerostich AD1 Pants Review

Last December, I picked up a pair of Aerostich AD1 Pants from eBay.  I wanted a pair of over-pants that were actually waterproof, not pants with a waterproof under layer like the AGV Telluride Pants.  The AGV pants are great but when it rains, your butt still feels wet even though it's dry.

 The AD1 are made with HT600 Denier Nylon with three layers of GORE-TEX fabric.  Just like good quality backpacking gear, the seams are pre-taped to hold out the elements.  The pants I purchased were used on one short trip and they didn't even feel broken in yet.  They don't include a hanger because you just stand them up on their own.  

Full length two-way zippers on each leg makes putting on and taking off the pants super easy.  No more fighting over the tops or soles of your boots.  The zippers feature a good set of storm flaps to keep the wind and rain out.  At the ankle, the pants snap together and have a large reflective Velcro patch used to tighten the pants around your boots.  This helps hold in body heat, especially on the few 19 degree days we were out this January.  On the contrary, forget to tighten those adjusters and you'll feel the breeze blowing in.  This is very beneficial on hot days.

(clearly, I have no butt)

Inside the legs, the armor attaches to a wide patch of Velcro, with plenty of room to adjust the positioning up, down or even side to side a bit.  There are also patches of Velcro in the hips for the optional hip armor. The armor it self is the TF3 Hard Shell and as long as the temps aren't dipping into the frosty range, it conforms to your knees and is very comfortable.

The pants are covered in pockets.  Two normal jean style front pockets with velcro closure flaps, one butt pocket on the left, a waterproof zip pocket on the right thigh and a fold over waterproof pocket on the left leg with velcro above and below to add the Aerostich map pocket.  I've ridden through a few rainstorms and the thigh pockets have always been dry.

The fit is slim but loose enough to go over regular pants.  The waist features an elastic section on the rear and a set of snaps at the hips to help customize the fit.  The waist does ride a bit low but wearing a 3/4 length jacket easily solves that "issue".  The crotch features a gusset flap to help keep rain from sneaking in and giving you wet crotch.  Just like the pockets, it's kept me dry.  Wrapped around the waist is a nylon belt with a plastic buckle.  This is no normal belt, slide it out and you'll see a zipper running down the middle to stash your cash.

Overall, I think the AD1 pants are worth every penny, even at full price.  The fit is amazing, the construction is damn near bulletproof and the included features are great.  They perform great in cold, cool and warm weather.  However, once the temps hit the mid 80's, they're a bit toasty.  However, with the leg cuffs left open, you do get some airflow up the legs.  I plan to take the pants to a seamstress/tailor to have a second zipper head to the top of the zipper.  That way, I can zip them down with the top and middle heads, then zip up the top head to create a vent.


Mugwug said...


I started riding two years ago with a second hand leather jacket, a used helmet (seriously bad call) and a pair of jeans.

Almost immediately it became clear that I was more of an ATGATT guy, and I acquired armored pants and a 3/4 armored jacket (and a mesh armored jacket).

One big problem, I went cheap. None of the items cost much more than $100, and a season and change later they're showing it. Time to upgrade.

Thanks for the detailed review!

red said...

I tend to be very budget minded, sometimes not by choice. I bought my first real riding jacket from the Flea Market on ADVrider. There are always good deals on there.

You definitely get what you pay for with riding gear.

Unknown said...

Hey there, great review but I did not see any mention of the size of AD1's you were wearing. Also if you don't mind sharing your measurements would be great.


red said...

Hi D, thanks for stopping by!

They were a size 30. I normally wear a 29 or 30 in most pants; the AD1s were a bit loose but the belt solved that. They had room for pants under them and even pants plus insulating layers in winter.

They are awesome pants and really worth every penny!

Stay safe out there.