Project CBR600F: The Secrets of the Circuits

 The Hurricane is still nestled in it's winter nest, but that doesn't mean all things bike have been idle around here.

Oh no no, the mind is busy.

Busy learning Arduino IDE so I can build a new digital LCD to replace the minimal LED warning lights. I want to include not only warning light info but also integrate the sensor input from the factory tach and possibly the temp sender. This would replace my side "pods" and integrate it all together right in front of me. Other ideas include using a photo resistor to control the LCD backlight, and adding a little solar panel to charge the microcontroller's battery pack. This will involve printing a new cluster housing to incorporate this pod, and I'm starting to wonder if the MK2 should replace the Android phone altogether and run a larger LCD and possibly piggy back two Arduino's for MOAR POWAAAAR!!!

However, I should probably still order that custom throttle cable, install the new tires, and get the bike to a dyno so they can fine tune the jetting.

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