Project CBR600F: Oh! Rings and the Spaghetti Factory

 I ordered a set of OEM o-rings for the fuel T, which are damn near impossible to find.  Which seems to be the case for a lot of the first gen parts.  For example, the o-ring for the water pump is rarer than bigfoot. Some guys on a Hurricane page gave me a link for an o-ring supplier who carried an OEM spec ring for the fuel T.  I paid about $20 with shipping for a set of 2 OEM, and about $12 for a pack of 50 for the aftermarket OEM spec.  

**UPDATE** OringsAndMore just got back to me and have a suitable item for the water pump. I ordered a few so I'll have spares. ****

One of these things, is just like the other, but cheaper. 
In other news, I managed to print a set of plate mounts.  Did I mention I got a 3D printer?  Well, I did and it's pretty damn cool (when it's not pumping out plastic spaghetti).  I also printed a cramp buster a few weeks ago. 

Radioactive Cramp Buster!

Mmmmm.... sketti! 

Excellent, al dente! 

I have a few other parts that will be printed, handguards, head light ears, switch mounts, and maybe a new gauge cluster with a sun shield.  The material is PETG, which is like ABS but without the nasty VOCs and sensitivity to drafts. I found a cool tool box but with how long it will take to print, I may just buy a tool tube.  

Stay safe out there! 

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